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Why is my Kenmore refrigerator model #253.78179800 not able to maintain a low enough temperature?


Here some some possibilities why your refrigerator may not be cooling properly:

  • Control Setting – Look at the dial. Sometimes freezer dials are located in the refrigerator.
  • Vent being blocked – Air flows between the freezer and refrigerator sections to provide proper cooling via air vents. Move any food items that might block the vents.
  • Warm air getting in – If doors are being left open, opened frequently, or if there are poor seals around the door(s). Also food stored in the door of the refrigerator often stays warmer than food in the interior.
  • Surrounding temperature is too low or too high
  • Too low (below 55F) (Winter): (Does not affect standalone freezers)
  • If the unit is in a cold environment such as an unheated garage, basement or outdoors, this may affect the thermostat.
  • Too high (above 110F) (Summer): If the unit is in a hot environment such as a closed garage without air conditioning, on an enclosed back porch, or in direct sunlight, this may overheat the system affecting performance.
  • Condenser coil is dirty – When the condenser coil is dirty it causes the sealed system to overheat and therefore the refrigerator will not cool properly.
  • Defrost Cycle - When the refrigerator goes into defrost, the cooling mode stops and a defrost heater energizes to remove accumulated frost from the evaporator (cooling) coil, which causes the freezer temperature to rise slightly.
  • Refrigerator Lacks Clearance For Proper Air Circulation - Refrigerators require a specific amount of clearance around the cabinet to allow for air circulation. If the refrigerator does not have the minimum clearance required, the refrigerator or freezer cannot cool properly.
  • Check to make sure the evaporator fan in the freezer is working, this fan blows the cold air around. If the fan is not working you possibly may have a bad fan motor. Check for power to the fan motor and also check the fan switches around the door openings, ( if your fridge has these switches, not all do ).
  • Check the air damper to see if it is not opening up and allowing the cold air from the freezer to be blown into the fresh food section.

If none of theses tips help your problem, I recommend calling for service so a technician can properly diagnose and repair your refrigerator.

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Tammy S -
Sears Technician
March 15, 2010

What might be wrong with a Kenmore model 253.78179800 refrigerator that doesn't keep items in the freezer frozen and seems to thaw and refreeze?


If the freezer door doesn't seal well then there can be excessive frost build up in the freezer which might affect how cold everything gets.

If there is a gap on the freezer door then the door or gasket needs adjusting. The door can be tweaked if one corner doesn't seal. A hair dryer can be used to heat the gasket up so it can be stretched to fill in any gaps.

One trick you can try is to put a couple of ice cubes in a glass and leave it in the freezer. If the ice melts then most likely there is a problem with the the refrigerator. How much they melt might indicate how how the refrigerator was off.

If a refrigerator freezes and thaws intermittently then the problem is usually with the control thermostat or defrost system.

If the freezer door is not shutting then ice might have built up over the coils and is blocking the air flow.

If there was a problem with the sealed system then the unit wouldn't freeze at all.

I hope this information is helpful to you but submit another question with any additional details for further assistance.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
February 12, 2010

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