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The doors on my Kenemmore refrigerator don't shut tightly. How can I tighten them up?


I can see your having trouble with your Kenmore Door closing correctly. I found a question in Manage My Life under the Answers button that is similar to the one you asked. I think this question will give you some useful information, while your waiting on an expert answer. I attached the link below, and I hope this helps!!!!!

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Raquel F -
September 20, 2010

Doors popping open is normal. The magnet in the gaskets is all that holds them. There is no way to tighten them. However, here are some general tips that should help you understand and resolve your door problem:

  • The freezer door popping open when you close the refrigerator door normally indicates a good condition of door seals. This can be normal if the refrigerator door is closed quickly or slams shut. Air passages between the freezer and refrigerator allow this to happen. It should not happen if the refrigerator door is closed slowly and gently.
  • The refrigerator should be leveled with a slight back tilt so that doors swing gently shut. This can be adjusted if necessary. A 1/2 bubble of back tilt is normal. This should cause the refrigerator door to shut without slamming. It will also allow the freezer door to swing closed if it pops open.
  • To help the freezer door swing shut, try the following tips:
  • Lubricate the freezer door hinges with sewing machine oil or 3-in-one oil (not WD-40).
  • Rub some petroleum jelly on the hinge side of the freezer door to help lubricate it and prevent it from binding.
  • Load the freezer door with heavier items to provide ballast and encourage it to swing shut.
  • Check your refrigerator and freezer door to make sure that they are hanging level on the hinges. Misalignment of one or both doors can cause a door to hang up and stay open.

If you would like more assistance, additional details will be helpful.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
September 21, 2010
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