Model #25371792104 KENMORE Top-Mount Refrigerator

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ice maker water supply does not shut off unless icemaker itself is turned off


Refrigerator features like ice and water on demand are great to have. I can see how this particular problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. While you wait for the expert, you can check a previous expert answer for this same issue if you like. The model is different, but probably similar for the ice maker. I attached that link below if you would like to check it while waiting for instructions from the expert. I also include a good article on maintaining these features.

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Barbara H. -
February 25, 2011

If the water valve turns off when you turn the icemaker off, the water valve is working ok.

The icemaker has 3 micro-switches in it. I think the microswitch that turns the water valve off and on has failed or has slipped out of position.

You can see a parts diagram of the icemaker at []. The switches are all item 15 in the parts diagram. The switch that controls the water valve is close to items 30, 31, and 32.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
February 26, 2011
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