Model #198715431 KENMORE Chest Freezer

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Chest freezer 198715431 pluged in and running not cooling inside 198715431


Thanks for the information about your freezer model 198.715431, sorry you are having a problem with it freezing I will be glad to advise you on this issue. Based on your explanation of the unit being out of service for a long time and now will not cool or freeze it appears that there is a sealed system problem.  Often if a refrigeration system is not in use it will develop rust on the steel refrigerant tubing and cause a Freon leak. Also it is possible that the sealed system had developed a restriction and is blocking the flow of refrigerant.  In either case this is a problem that has to be diagnosed by a Listened Certified Refrigeration Technician.  Often the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of replacement and in a chest freezer it can be non-repairable. I hope this helps you determine your next steps. If you want a technician here is a link to Sears Home Services. Ron H.

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Ron H -
Sears Technician
October 24, 2013

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