Model #143996516 CRAFTSMAN Engine

  • Craftsman 4-cycle Engine
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Engine will start but wont stay running 143996516 Craftsman Engine



Fuel filter 143996516 Craftsman Engine


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This Tecumseh engine does not use a fuel filter. Based upon the symptom, I would suspect a blocked jet within the carburetor. I would try to clean the carburetor to start with.

I would pull the carb from the engine. With a full can of carb cleaner, a wire brush, and a bread tie wire to poke through and clean the main jet; I would recommend a very thorough cleaning. Start by taking off the float bowl. Douse it very liberally with carb cleaner, and undo the pin for the float, and remove the needle and float. Clean them very thoroughly with the wire brush and carb cleaner. Pay close attention to the seat the needle sits in and clean it well. Once clean, start brushing the carb bowl and body and make sure you get all the varnish out. It may take three or four brushings with carb cleaner dousing in-between. From there, take the straw of the carb cleaner and shoot carb cleaner through any little hole or passageway of the carb. Shoot out the throat of the carb and poke the main jet with the bread tie wire. You have to make sure you get everything the first time, if you leave anything behind, it’s likely to reclog once you have it reassembled. 

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
May 04, 2015