Model #11097195510 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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How to troubleshoot an electronic controlled Kenmore gas dryer that will not heat?


The voltage supply to the ignition circuit and gas valve is 120vac. The ignitor will require 120vac in order to glow, and then the flame switch must open and then gas valve opens. I added an image with the wiring diagram. The control board must send voltage to the heater relay in order for the heater relay to close. The high limit thermostat also must be good for the 120vac to make it the gas valve. The neutral is supplied to the gas coils once the motor centrifugal switch closes 2M to 1M. The thermistor also controls if the ignitor will come on or not too. The thermistor is an electronic thermostat that works by the resistance of the thermistor. The thermistor is mounted on the blower housing located behind the rear panel.

I added the theory of the gas valve operation in a link below. I also added a wiring diagram of the dryer too.

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair the dryer.

Why won’t the igniter glow on my gas dryer?

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