Model #11082194810 KENMORE Residential Washers

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What could make my washer fill normally at first, then slow down to a trickle?


The problem could be in the mixing valve. It might be a stopped up screen in the mixing valve also. I suggest turning off the water to the washer. Turn the washer on to fill on warm. This will relieve the pressure in the hoses. Unplug the washer from the wall, and remove the hoses from the mixing valve. Put the end of the hoses in the tub of the washer, and turn the water on full, and see if you get a full flow. If you do get a full flow, look at the inlet of the mixing valve and see if either screen has debris in it. You can remove the screens from the mixing valve and clean them.

If you don't get a full flow, remove the hose or hoses from the faucet and see if there is a screen there that is restricted.

If you have a full flow from the hoses, and don't find debris in the screens of the mixing valve, the mixing valve will need to be replaced.

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expert -
Sears Technician
February 19, 2008

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