Model #11082182200 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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dryer runs, gets hot, stops 11063942101 Kenmore Electric dryer


Does it pop the circuit breaker? If so, shut off the dryer breaker and remove the cover. With the breaker off, tighten both terminal screws on the breaker. Sometimes just a 1/8 turn is enough to tighten them. If you are not comfortable with electricity have someone who is do this for you. What happens, if this solves the problem, is the "loose" connection heats the breaker which causes it to trip. Otherwise some dryers have a resealable thermostat that cuts out supposedly when the temp get too high. If you have one of those, it has gone bad or is about to fail. It has been years since I worked at repairing them, so I forget even what it looks like.

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Gene -
December 07, 2015

Need to change the switch on my compact dryer Mod# 110.82182200. but not sure how to remove the top of the dryer to get to the body of the old switch inside the unit

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Curtis -
December 08, 2015
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