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What would cause my dryer to make thumping noises?


In order to view the image of the dryer you need to use the model number 110.77982100. You must use the 110 prefix. Go to and click on Parts and enter your model number 110.77982100. Then you will need to click on BULKHEAD PARTS to view the blower wheel and blower housing. I don't think the blower wheel is causing the thumping noise. I would think it would be one of the two drum support rollers or worm support roller axles. Key number 21 is the support roller and the blower wheel is key number 37. You should not have to replace the blower housing but you will have to remove it in order to pull the blower wheel out from the rear.

If you need any more information resubmit your question with the model number for specific information or instructions.

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Sears Technician
March 02, 2008

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