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My Kenmore Elite dryer, model number 110-73942102, has heat but does not dry clothes. Any suggestions?


Core issue: Kenmore Elite dryer has heat but does not dry clothes, model number 110-73942102.

Resolution: Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Using too many fabric softener sheets can clog the air inlet grille inside the dryer, which can restrict the air flow causing longer dry times.
  • Use only one fabric softener sheet per load. Any blocking of air intake or exhaust grilles will restrict air circulation through the dryer and prevent moisture from being removed from the clothes. This will cause the time it takes to dry the clothes to increase.
  • Clothes take too long to dry, due to excessive vent length, vent restrictions or vent blockages.
  • Sensor drying - Sensor bars must be clean and clothes must contact the Sensor bars, or the control will sense the clothes are dry.
  • Power/gas supply issues - will prevent the dryer from heating correctly.

Note: General information for resolution to this problem, is based on information provided in question. Contact certified technician if problem persist. Sears repair 1-800-469-4663.

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Tamira B. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
September 04, 2009

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