Model #11073932101 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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On bottom part of dryer, the yellow wire with the red line became disconnected at its destination point. Where does it plug into? 11073932101 Kenmore Gas dryer


I see a yellow/red (YR) wire that connects to one terminal of the moisture sensor. I recommend that you check that wiring connection. Be sure that you unplug the dryer before accessing internal components.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
July 28, 2014

kenmore dryer 110.73932101 wont stay heated during cycle 110.73932101


dryer heats up in the begininng sometimes but doesn't stay on long. 11073932101 Kenmore Gas dryer


dirty vent its short cycling clean vent hose to outside

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jason -
March 09, 2014

Hello glad to help.  Thank You for choosing Sears
I am sorry and do understand your frustration when there are problems with the dryer.
Glad to help out.   Im  looking at your Kenmore model number 110.73932101.

First thing for safety and concerns to keep dryer running well is to check the lint screen and vent of air flow going out of the house.   If clogged up it could cause heating problems on any dryer.
To prevent a Blocked Vent Hood, once a year: 
1.  Clean any lint blockage from the exhaust vent hood.
2.  Make sure the vent hood flappers move freely.
3.  Check for screen/grate openings that allow bird or rodent nests.
4.  Replace exhaust vent hood if damaged.
5.  Check for good air flow while running the dryer.
Note: Poor airflow or decreased airflow indicates further vent system cleaning is needed.

There are a couple items to check.   That is the ignitor itself, (even though it comes on may not have enough spark to stay on), Check the 2 coils beside the ignitor which is key 13 and 14 on the picture below.  They come packaged together.

Need to check also behind the blower.  There is a thermistor key number 42 and a thermal fuse key number  59 that could be going out.

Picture of blower for model 110.73932101

Picture of the burner assembly for model 110.73932101

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and I hope we can help you with your future questions and repairs. Thank you for choosing Sears and using our

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Larry L -
Sears Technician
March 10, 2014
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