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Why won't my dryer heat up all the time, the heating coils have current?


I do not have enough details informing me if it will always heat when first started or if it quits heating after the heater cycles off.

If the heating element will glow red at any time, then heating element is likely OK. The failure preventing it from heating all the time could be one of many. It could have a restricted vent system or a loose wire connection.

You did not indicate how you checked current, but the heating element must have 220-240 volts supplied to it when measuring across both terminals of the heating element in order to heat. Since you have measured current, I must assume you feel confident and safe in working with live voltages. In order to diagnose the failure will require checking the voltage across each component while it's running. You will need to place one meter lead to each terminal of the component wired in series with the heater. When you measure 220-240 volts across any one of the thermostat connected in series with the heater, that component is open or bad and may need to be replaced.

I recommend replacing the dryer rather than attempting to repair it due to its age.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
December 31, 2009

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