Model #11072992102 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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The model number to the dryer mentioned in the previous question is 110.72992102?


From the description you give the igniter is not glowing. You would be able to see this with the access panel removed.

The wiring diagram in the image below may help you with this problem. Thermostats, igniter radiant sensor and thermal fuse have all been replaced with no change.

If the dryer will run but not heat then don't overlook the circuit breakers. It is possible for one breaker to trip leaving the dryer 120 volts to run with but no 240 volts to heat with. Try turning the breakers off and then back on if you haven't already.

If the igniter was glowing and you hear a click then the coils or valve may be bad. The coils can be got for $20 dollars but it seems to me you've replaced enough parts already.

There is one simple test you can make if the problem is the dryer runs but the igniter doesn't glow. If the dryer will run but the igniter doesn't glow then first unplug the dryer so no voltage is present.

Next you will need to raise the console to access the heater relay. The image below will help with this. Refer to the wiring diagram and notice the heater relay has two solid red wires which are fairly thick. There are also two thinner wires that are red with white tracers.

One trick is if the dryer runs but doesn't heat remove the two solid red wires off the heater relay and join them together with small insulated wire. You can put a little electrical tape around the connection. Don't let it hang and touch anything metal. With the two red wires jumped the heater relay is bypassed.

Now with extreme caution and being very careful plug the dryer back in, start a cycle and see if it will heat.

If the igniter glows and the dryer heat then most likely the relay is the problem although the control board might also be at fault. With a meter you can check resistance across the heater relay coils where the red/white thinner wires attach.

Another trick is the heater relay and motor relay (two blue wires, two pink/black wires) are the same part. You can swap the heater relay with the motor relay. The select a cycle and push and hold the start button in (so the dryer runs) and see if it heats. If it does then the heater relay is bad. If it doesn't heat then the control is bad.

You proven you can access and change the parts so I'm sure you can do these steps but remember to also unplug the dryer before doing any checks on the relays. Use extreme caution bypassing the relays.

I hope this information helps you resolve this problem but submit another question with any additional details for further assistance.

Use caution bypassing the relay and only do so it you understand and are comfortable with the steps.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
March 03, 2010

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