Model #11072032100 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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Kenmore dryer, 11072032100, won't start. When start button is pressed there are 3 beeps.


When dryer beeps when start button is pressed, this can be caused due to door not latching or start button not engaging. As a result the dryer will not run. Please verify the following.

  • Inspect door area, make sure there is nothing blocking or obstructing door from latching.
  • Also when the start button is pressed, hold it for 3 seconds in order for dryer to engage the cycle.
  • Reset unit, unplug or turn off circuit breaker for 1 minute. Restore power and try operating dryer.

Note: General information for resolution of problem is based on information that was submitted with question. Please contact a certified technician if problem persist. Sears Repair Department 1-800-469-4663

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Maria M. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
June 19, 2009

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