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Why does the circuit breaker now trip after I changed the igniter on my Kenmore dryer?


More detail would be helpful but I assume the circuit breaker didn't trip before the igniter was changed.

It's likely a wire is pinched or shorted to ground and this will have to be visually checked but first I'd suggest you try something else.

Select the air fluff cycle and try and see if the dryer will run with no heat selected. With no heat selected the igniter circuit should have no voltage. If the dryer runs in air fluff then most likely the short is on the wires to the igniter.

If the circuit breaker still trips then you will need to access the igniter and make a visual inspection of the wires and connections.

Since you have no direct view of the igniter when the dryer is running it will be difficult to pin this problem down. If the igniter comes on and glows and the circuit breaker trips when the igniter clicks off the short can be in the gas coils.

I hope this information helps you resolve this problem but submit another question with any additional details for further assistance with this problem.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
October 01, 2009

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