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Kenmore 110.64954300, auto dry does not dry completely but timed dry works fine. Any ideas?


Having your dryer not work correctly can be very frustrating, while you wait for the expert to answer i would suggest for you to look at the link down bellow. I hope that it gives you futher information upon your issue good luck.

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celene -
October 19, 2010

Something like this is usually caused by running too small or mixed loads. The 2 metal strips located on the lint screen housing inside the front section of the dryer is what senses the moisture in the clothes. If the load is mixed and some clothes that are dry contact the sensors the dryer will think the complete load is dry & will shut off. Use time try for mixed loads & small loads. You can try cleaning the 2 metal strips with rubbing alcohol to see if this will also help. Try to have the level of the dryer slightly lower in the front to help the clothes come into better contact with the moisture sensors.

Another possibility; electronic moisture control board or wiring problems.

I am sending you more information about the operation of the auto dry cycle in the attachment below. Please click on the attachment.

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
October 21, 2010
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