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What makes a washer not spin?


You did not indicate if the washer will drain water or if the motor is running or not during the spin cycle.

I going to assume that the washer will not run at all during the drain and spin cycles. The likely failure is a broken lid switch. If the lid switch does not activate and close when the lid is shut, the motor is not going to operate. You should hear a faint click from the lid switch when you open and close the lid. If you do not hear the faint click, the lid switch is bad.

In order to access the lid switch will require removing the washer cabinet. The lid is mounted up under the top.

I added three (3) images in order to reference the parts and key numbers.

To access the lid switch (key#11) the washer cabinet will need to be removed.

  • First, disconnect the power cord from the power source.

  • The console (key#26) will need to be placed in the service position by removing two hidden (2) screws, one (1) screw located at the bottom of the left hand end cap (key#7) and one (1) screw located at the bottom of the right hand end cap (key#10).

  • In order to access the two (2) screws hidden under the left hand end cap trim (key#14) and under the right hand end cap trim (key#11)the two (2) end cap trim pieces will need to be removed.

  • To remove the trim (key#14&11), place you finger behind the trim at the very top and bend it up enough to clear the console and then hinge it towards the front and off.

  • Remove the hidden screw under each end cap trim. Slide the console forwards about 1/4 inch and the raise it upwards and hinge it over the rear panel.

  • Disconnect the 3 wire lid switch harness plug located on the top. Pop the two (2) cabinet clips (key#6) off.

  • Place the tip of a flat tipped screw driver down into the first valley and then push the handle end to the rear of the washer to pop off the cabinet clips.

  • Open the lid and grab the opening and tilt the top of the washer cabinet forwards just a few degrees and then walk it backwards and off.

  • The lid switch mounted under the main top is now accessible to remove and replace.

Reverse the procedure to re-assemble the washer.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician

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