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just replaced overload and start relay, is it normal for refrigerator to cycle off and on so quickly after replacing parts. 10661289100 Kenmore Top mount refrigerator


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You never mentioned how quickly it was cycling on and off. In most cases this will be a problem with the compressor start device.  It is possible the compressor could be locking up (getting stuck) but normally when this happens, it stays locked. The thermostat could also cause this type of issue if it tries to bring the unit back on too soon. When the refrigerator quits, it needs to stay off for at least 5 minutes and this is sometimes not long enough, so the pressures in the seal system can equalize. To determine if the thermostat is causing this, you will need to know how soon it's trying to restart, after it stopped running.  If it’s off for at least 10 minutes before restarting or attempting to, and still clicks, most likely problem will be the start device.
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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
July 31, 2014

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